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Importance of Balance in a Interior Designing?

Hello, Friends!! Today in this article we will be describing the importance of Balance in Interior Designing
Everyone understands the importance of balance. One lesson that we learn quite quickly from a very young age is that without balance things tend to go sideways. Whether it be learning how to ride your bike, stacking wooden blocks or knowing when to take a break from work to enjoy some leisure time, balance is a constant in our lives. So, how does balance applies into interior design?
Every item you put in a room whether its a piece of furniture or a decorative accent has visual weight.  When the visual weight of each side of a room are the same then a room is balanced and hence pleasing to the eye. Applying balance to a space can help avoid unnecessary costs when planning as it provides you with an insight into furniture requirements and their sizes.
There’s three different kinds of balance: symmetrical (formal), asymmetrical (informal) and radial in interior designing.
  • Symmetrical balance is achieved by arranging elements on either side of the center of a composition in an equally weighted manner
  • In asymmetrical balance, the two sides are not identical, but differ from one another. However, the elements are arranged so that there is a sense of balance.
  • Radial balance is a design element that radiates outward from the center of the room
By going through the planning process an expert interior designer can see whether your space is best suited for a symmetrical layout or one that is more asymmetrical.
As a Top interior designers in Delhi-NCR, we have become quite adept in applying Balance to our principles of design for all commercial interior as well as Residential interior projects to create interesting spaces.